courage on january 8th

I am more and more convinced that courage is the separation from good leaders and great leaders.  I am faced with a moment requiring courage this morning.

One of the members of my team is demonstrating inconsistent behavior that is leading to mistrust.  They are also effecting the overall moral of my team.

Sounds like an easy solution……terminate the team member who is causing the issues.  I have very mixed feelings on the solution.  I want to learn how to lead with mercy, justice and humility.

I want my leaders to participate and take this seriously as they climb into the judgement seat with me.

I have these quotes keep running through my mind as I make a decision.

“Let the one with NO sin cast the first stone” Jesus

“There once was a lost sheep and the shepherd left the 99 and went out to find the lost sheep.  After the shepherd found the lost sheep and brought him back to the heard, they rejoiced for once he was lost and now he is found.” Jesus

I want to give time to process the right outcome.  I feel like I am taking too long to decide.  I am learning to have courage with mercy,, justice and humility.