This morning I was reminded of courage.  Those who demonstrate courage fill our history.  As I developed the five levels of leading,  I began to reflect on courage in 2017.

character, talent, trust, teams, courage

What does courage look like in 2017?

What does courage look like in the marketplace?

  • thinking forward withtechnology and people
  • leader engagement (development)
  • dealing with inappropriate behavior and inconstant behavior
  • walking the talk

What does courage look like in the face of danger?

Just imagine the scene.  Danger is present.  Shots ring out.  The crowd panics and begins to run away.  First responders are those who run towards danger.  The shots rang out and the first responders ran towards the shots.  These are our hero’s!


What does courage look like as we make our world safer?

These Guatemala Naval Officers below are responsible for stopping drugs from entering Guatemala from the sea.  As drugs enter Guatemala, they are transported to the US. I visited these hero’s in August to hear their story.  Each night the boats below travel 200 miles off shore to look for drug shipments trying to enter Guatemala and ultimately the US.  They have been very successful and work closely with our US Navy Seals who are stationed in Guatemala.  Each night these boats capture drugs and runners.  Their ability to confront these heavily armed runners is courageous.  Many nights they run out of fuel and have to float in the water 200 miles off shore as they wait for fuel to be delivered so they can return with the arrested runners and drugs.  Their courage is unbelievable.  Eighty percent of the drugs that enter the US come through Guatemala.  Drug use in Guatemala is very low.  The drugs these boats are blocking are destined for the US and not Guatemala.  I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for these heroes who demonstrate courage each night.