big baby gets a “big baby”



Forty years ago I owned an Original Taylor guitar. I played songs at different events and loved spending time escaping into music that touched my soul. Along came a career, wife, four kids and no time. My guitar ended up in the closet. I loaned it to someone that I cannot remember and thus my Original Taylor guitar is gone. On September 6, 2015 my loving wife purchased me a “Big Baby” Taylor as a 35th anniversary present. After forty years I will be able to continue something I dearly love. I am not looking forward to the sore fingers and frustrating time of relearning music. I am looking forward to a quiet time of letting the music I love touch my soul again.

We celebrated our 35th anniversary last week at the Grove Park Inn. We have grown to love the times when we can sneak away to a different world located only one hour from our house.

I am so grateful for Molly and the 35 years we have shared together.

I think I am going to give it one more year!