i was 12


I was 12 years old on November 22, 1963.  It was a normal day for a 6th grader at Belle Morris School.  Thanksgiving was on its way and Christmas would soon be in the air.

Suddenly our school was let out.  No lunch, no explanation and no homework.  Just go home.  My teacher did not say anything and as I left the school I could see teachers crying with worried looks on their faces.  I had never seen anything like this in my life.  I walked home by myself not knowing what had happened.  When I got home it was more of the same.  My house was silent.  The whole world seemed silent.

Later that evening, my mom and dad always watched the evening news with Walter Cronkite.  I never watched the news but I did this night.  Walter Cronkite was weeping freely during the broadcast.  Talking about the assassination of John Kennedy.

For the next month, the world stood still.  We watched a young mother struggle to console her family and a new president try to unite our country.

The 50th anniversary of tragedies as this always reveals mistakes made that question the truth we have been told for 50 years.  This week has been no different.  Newly released photos and information about the assassination have questioned what we knew as the truth.

More than one shooter was required for such accuracy.  The autopsy and details of the shooting were contaminated to the point that definite conclusions about Kennedy’s death could not be confirmed.  The reports of John Kennedy being treated for a terminal illness surfaced this week along with at least three communicable diseases from his extra marital affairs.  He was a very sick man.

Even with all of the new information this week.  I remember John Kennedy as a great president.  He had an infectious smile and positive view of life.  Our country was immerging victorious from two wars and beginning to rebuild.

He barely served 1,000 days and was assassinated at 47 years old.

There is no doubt; God has protected America through times like these.