the leadership passage

The Leadership Passage 

Based on the works of

Mark Miller, Ken Blanchard

The heart of Leadershipthe secretsecret of teamsgreatleadersgrow_cover

The Leadership Passage is an accumulation of over sixty years of leadership understanding from two of the world’s authorities on influence in the marketplace.  This also follows the development of one of the world’s most successful privately owned corporations Chick-fil-A.

Mark and Ken have effectively created a path for leadership development.  In this path one will discover the four qualities necessary to become a person of influence.

These four thoughts can be introduced in one hour and unpacked for a lifetime.  The seminars navigate immerging leaders as well as transform the thoughts and actions of current leadership.

The Heart of Leadership:  This work addresses the internal qualities needed to lead others.

The Secret: The Secret introduces the leader to the individual qualities necessary to be an effective leader.  These qualities are share by ALL great leaders in history.

The Secret of Teams: This work by Mark and Ken teaches the value of working together in teams and understanding the value individuals bring to a high performing team.

Great Leaders Grow: This work emphasizes the importance of life long learning for leaders.