six critical questions


Why do we exist?

–        To make a difference

How do we behave?

–        Give our best

What do we do? 

–        Serve by feeding hunger & soul

How will we succeed? 

–        Cohesive Team

–        Great Food

–        Grow Leaders

–        Dedicated Staff

–        Welcoming Environment

–        Have Fun!

What is most important, right now? 

–        Make calm decisions & model the right behavior

Who must do what? 

–        “Aces in their places”

I am so proud of the team I work with.  Yesterday we finish some very important work, which will give us a huge advantage in the marketplace.  We answered the six critical questions that separate great organizations from good organizations.  Each of these six responses will cover any opportunity we will encounter each day.

Our next challenge is to commit these to memory and communicate both the questions and the answers to the 50 others we work with.

My héros: Danny, Megan, Connie, Melissa, Joe, Lisa, Kristin, Steven, Josh, Jeremy, Blair, Lukas, Richard and Bridgett