new classroom

my new classroom

Upon my completion of my Certificate in Global Leadership our class conducted a very interesting exercise.  After four classroom days in Phoenix at the campus of Thunderbird, our instructor ask us to choose the culture we would commit to learning more about to help us understand Global Leadership.

My class was made up of executive students from all over the world.  I was one of three students from the US.  Brazil, Egypt, France, Norway, Liberia, Mexico, Lebanon and Vietnam made up the remainder of the class of 18.

Before we were to ask our classmates for advice, we were to choose the culture we would like to improve our Global skills.  As we went around the room seeking advice from our classmates, they were to give us some suggestions on where we should begin.

I work in Latin America at least once a year teaching leadership.  One would think Latin America would be the cultural knowledge I would like to improve.  After traveling to many of the Latin American countries, I feel very comfortable with the Latin American culture and communicate very well with my Latin American associates.


The culture I work with the most that I feel most uneasy about is the millennial culture.  I don’t understand them very well.  I have two living in my house.  I employ about 20 in my business.

My classmates were a little taken back when I identified a Global age group.  By the way, technology has made the millennial age group identical worldwide.

Some of the advice I was given was:

  1. Talk to them
  2. Go to some of the same places they like to go
  3. Learn their language

I do not want to talk with them.  I do not want to go to the same places they like to go.  Their language makes little sense to me.

Truthfully, I have committed to become a student of Millennialism.  I understand that Baby Boomers and Millennials get along well.  You have to watch out for the Gen Xer’s.  These are the scary ones.  Then look out for the iY’s.


mellinials cartoon

All in all, I have a new school of enrollment.  Understanding and learning from those who will succeed us.  This could be the hardest class I have ever attended.

Wish me luck you “OLD DUDES”

baby boomers