Who are iY’s

Those born since 1990.

iY generation

1. They are self-confident.

With some exceptions, the majority of teens and twenty-somethings are confident about their talent and skills to change the world. When led well, this trait can be channeled to empower them to take on new projects or new research.

2. They are social.

While relational skills may be lacking, they are very social, connected to friends via texts or social media. When led well, this trait can be harnessed for sales and marketing efforts, as they have connections everywhere.

3. They are tech-savvy.

Perhaps not all of them are tech-savvy, but in the land of “tomorrow” you are the immigrant, they are the native. When led well, we benefit from their intuitive mind when it comes to new devices, social media and apps.

4. They love creativity.

They love innovation. Creativity is their middle name. To them, anything new is appealing enough to check out. When led well, you can make the most of this trait by pairing them with older staff, allowing their fresh eyes to evaluate your methods.

5. They love family.

Instead of being independent as former generations were, these kids absolutely love the family community. In surveys, they voted parents as their number one hero. We can profit from this by creating a family-like community in our workplaces.

6. They want to positively influence their world.

Most of them sincerely want to feel like they’ve done something to improve the world…now. They are aware that their tweets or videos can go viral and impact many. We must take advantage of this spirit and help them tell their story.