Brought before the judge.  Long lists of charges were placed before the judge and I would have to stand before the judge and make my plea one by one.  I was embarrassed, scared and most of all I was guilty of every charge.  I had been charged and everyone knew the shameful life I had been accused of living.  I could plead “not guilty” but the evidence against me was overwhelming and true.  To plead “not guilty” would bring more shame to myself.

One by one the charges were read.  Lying, cheating, stealing, adultery and murder.  To make matters worse, the judge even played some actual video of me committing the crimes.  The list went on forever.  Even back to my childhood.  Even things that I was sure no one would ever know.  The evidence became so heavy I did not think I could withstand any more.  I stood before my family, friends and coworkers as the judge read the final judgment of “guilty as charged” to me.  The only thing left was my sentencing.  The charges were substantial enough to get a death sentence for me.

To the right of the judge stood a young man who appeared to be in his early 30’s.  He had been there the whole time but I only noticed him when he approached the judge and ask to speak with him.  Did he not see this was the most important moment in my life?  I was going to be sentenced to death.  Never the less, he began whispering to the judge.  The judge whispered back to him.  They seemed to whisper back and forth for it seemed like an eternity but I know it was only for a few seconds.  After their conversation, the young man went back over to the right of the judge and stood where he had always been.  The judge sat back in his seat.  He told me it was time for his judgment.  He reminded me of my guilt to ALL of the charges.  Then he told me the young man to his right had requested to receive the sentence for all of my crimes.  He would take my death sentence and I would be set free.  “ALL of my charges” I said.  The judge replied yes ALL of your charges.  You are FREE.

This is my story.  One by one we will all stand before the judge and need someone to take our charges.  Today is the day Jesus stood and requested to take our guilt.  He stood and asked to bear our guilt so we could have a relationship with God.  There is no other way.  Someone had to pay.  None other that the only son of the living God.


Easter is a special time to remember that HE PAID IT ALL for me.