A new day is here!

Our country has told the world what kind of leader we want to lead us through these perilous times.  American voters exercised their First Amendment rights and voted.

I love this country.  I am a patriot and will defend America with everything I have.

I was involved in a demonstration this past August 1st when a many times silent group of Americans demonstrated their support of the First Amendment.  FREE SPEECH!

As you know, our First Amendment protects free speech.  Most of the time you hear the free speech issue talked about, the discussion is about minority issues.  Usually free speech is brought up by a very small segment of our population.   The issue of free speech is almost always brought up in a negative tone.  Almost always, the issue of free speech is exposed when a person or group is denied their Fist Amendment rights.  On August 1st, the individuals who demonstrated were orderly hard working Americans.  These people do not demonstrate.  When challenged with their right to free speech, they responded in HUGE numbers.  I have never seen anything like this in my life.  I was so proud to have the privilege to participate.

On Tuesday November 6, 2012, our citizens exercised their right to vote and demonstrated to the world who we are.

May God bless America!

God Bless America

America the Beautiful