I had another thought about surrender this morning.

General Lee surrendered the Confederate States, the German Generals surrendered Germany after Hitler’s death and the Japanese Generals surrendered Japan 6 days after the atomic bombs were dropped on their country.  History reflects a time of pillaging, raping and killing in the countries that have surrendered.   When these three times in history occurred, something strange happened.  America did not do these horrible things to these countries.  We helped them rebuild.  To this day our presence is seen in all three.  The confederate states became states of our own country.  Our largest military base in the world outside of our country is in Germany where we have chosen to help stabilize Europe.  Germany is one of our closest allies in Europe.  After the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan, we went to help them rebuild their country.  Japan also remains one of our strongest friends in Asia.

A similar act occurred when I surrendered my crown to Jesus.  When I surrendered my crown, Jesus wrapped his hands around mine and gave my crown back to me and committed to help me rebuild my life.  He brought meaning and strength that I did not have.  To this day, I am eternally grateful to Jesus for saving me and rebuilding my life 40 years ago.

Surrender to Jesus and let him rebuild your life.