“little ones”

My oldest daughter had a little girl one week ago today.  Our family is blessed to have a new little girl in our lives.  She is adjusting to being a mother and we are adjusting to being grandparents.  Our friends could not wait to call us by our new names.  Mammy and Pappy!  Dear God.  We have become old in the matter of a few hours.  We will most likely be called by some weird name, which will come from our granddaughter as she begins to talk.  As a responsible grandparent, we can think of a real cool grandparent names but will end up being called whatever little Isis calls us.

Moo & Poo?  Who knows?  Whatever the names are they will be the sweetest names we have ever been called and I am sure we will melt each time we hear our names spoken by that little voice.

Something happened when our granddaughter arrived last Thursday.  All attention changed and our focus was directed to her needs in an instant.  We stooped thinking about our selfish needs and focused on the needs of this little one.  I have been amazed at the peace and refocus which comes with the addition of a newborn.  Excitement, hope, joy, peace and sacrifice are just a few of the feelings with the addition of a new member to our family.

I am experiencing a similar condition in my business.  We are adding some new members to our team and I have seen our team’s attention directed to the needs of the new team members and a way from our personal needs.  They will need much of the same type of attention a newborn needs in the beginning.  Close attention to their every need will give them the sense of security, which will help them become a valuable member of our team.

I have been encouraged at the results of new additions to my biological family and my work family.  I am encouraged when the attention is directed away from us.  Once again God uses a “little one” to remind us of the important issues of life and understanding HIM.

After all, it is not about you or me is it?