a father’s dream

I pulled in the driveway from work yesterday and I could have sworn it was 15 years earlier.  My two college daughters had taken over the garage to have “craft day” and paint a pallet, which they would use in their apartments this fall.  I was told “Jewelry Holders” were the project of the day.  As always it involved me to complete the project.  I would have to add my part and saw the pallet into the “right” size for their imagination.

This project actually began earlier in the week as my 19 year old was driving around town trying to purchase a pallet while I was in Atlanta for work.  She called me while at Home Depot to ask what part of the store the pallets were located.  Home Depot does not sell pallets but my business across the street has a whole stack of pallets behind a storage building she could use for FREE.  Music to her ears and when I got home late Thursday night, she had picked out a very nice pallet for her project.

Back to the big day.  I left for work on Friday just as always.  Very quiet morning as usual at our house in the summer.  I had planned to come home early to play tennis and there they were.  The garage had been taken over by paint, tools, newspaper, cups of water, paintbrushes and a blasting iPhone that filled the garage with only the best music to create the moment.  The evidence is below including the circle of spray paint on the driveway.  This will serve as a reminder to me of a great memory.

I literally had a double take and remembered the days of old when I would come home to a 5 and 8 year old doing the same thing in the driveway or garage.  What a great memory of days lost in the back pages of my mind, which warms my heart to remember.  What a great gift for father’s day.  These girls are 19 and 22 now but still 5 and 8.  I love that about them.  As I reflect on myself, I feel 61 and 10.  I love that too.

All of my children are here this weekend.  All still asleep this early Saturday morning.  We will celebrate the days gone by this weekend and become like children again.  Hiking together today.  Dollywood on Sunday.  Day on the lake on Monday.

These are good days.