I tested myself a couple of months ago to find that I was a Pioneer / Influencer according to Marcus Buckingham’s StandOut assessment.  He described an influencer in a funny way that I discovered about myself.  An Influencer does not take NO for and answer.  NO only means you have a lack of information.  NO is my queue to give you more information and talk longer.

It really rarely works.

It NEVER works when you are speaking.  Speakers have to stay on schedule and the time frame allotted to them for their subject.  I just spent an amazing week in Peru with some of our organizations best and brightest.  I learned how a focused prepared team could be people of tremendous influence.  We spoke about team leadership before 3,000 leaders at Agua Viva Church and 1,000 students, alumni and business contacts of University San Ignacio De Loyola.  I am eternally grateful for their contribution.  They made sure my Influencer personality stayed within my time limit.

Time flash cards and a time clock which read 00:00 minutes left for my time kept me close to my allotted time and made me finish my thought almost on time.  It was really hard but I am grateful to those who cared enough to keep me on task.

Here is what I learned with these amazing friends.

  1. Prepare for anything
  2. Be able to flex with no notice
  3. Trust each other
  4. Know your subject
  5. Have mercy with each other
  6. Have fun