you decide

TIME magazine puts together the list of the most influential people of history from time to time.  I am always fascinated at those who end up on the list and for what reason.  These people are not on the list for the good they have done.  They appear on the list for the list for the impact they have had on history.

As I woke this morning I was reminded of the question I have been asking myself all week.  Why are we talking about Jesus?  For all practical purposes he is a nobody in history by his credentials.  He made some fantastic claims.  He is GOD!  He will rise from the dead!  True or not?  I went to a video I produced a few years ago for a seminar to compare His qualities to others who have influenced history.  There is no comparison.  Jesus is the most influential person of all time.

Attached is the “Top 100 most influential people of millennium” combine with the 25 most influential religious leaders of 2004.  TIME magazine compiled both lists in 2004.  Many of the faces remain in the forefront today.

A few days ago I spoke about Jesus and the influence he has had on civilization.  Listen to the audio as you watch.  As you make the comparison of Jesus to the 100 most influential leaders of millennium and the 25 most influential religious leaders according to Life Magazine, I feel you will come to the same conclusion as I did.  Jesus is the most influential person of all time.  As I set out to find purpose and hope, the invitation to follow Jesus kept coming to my mind as I tried everything else to fill the void in my life.  I found Jesus to be the ONLY place where I could place my hope that will never fail me and never leave me.

Why?  He is GOD and He is Risen!

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