bamboo rocks

I usually do not write and promote purchases but you will like this one if you have an iPad 1,2 or 3.  First, I have to tell you something I experienced first hand last year at a nerd session with my un-named friend Cliff.  Cliff and Jose are my two anonymous friends who help me with the technology, strategy questions and ideas I think of but do not know how to do.  Let’s ask Siri to call them call them “Super Nerds”.

I was talking to SN#1 and visioning some changes I wanted to make in my website and WordPress.  As we began to talk SN#1 started to take notes.  He did not use a tablet, laptop or iPad.  He pulled a spiral notepad from his front pocket and began to take note of the decisions we had made and the work he would complete for me.  I stopped him and questioned him about his choice of a notepad.  He jokingly told me it was his new “crash proof” tablet.  Funny and true!  He was already on his 4th notepad for the year and it was only February.  I left his office trying to figure out if this was the next nerd innovation or just SN#1’s quirky nature.  Either one, I liked his individuality.  I will tell you this much.  As he wrote on the paper, I felt he was honoring me by writing down the decisions we agreed upon.

Fast forward to a College Presidents Council that I have served on for the past 10 years.  I attended our quarterly meeting with my new iPad as part of my “paperless” strategy for 2011.  I was planning to take notes on my iPad to have a permanent paperless record of any important subjects discussed.  I usually took no notes in past meetings but this was a new year.  As I pulled out my iPad to begin typing from the front table, I wondered what the president thought of me typing on an iPad while he was talking.  Was I texting, emailing my friends, playing my next move on Words with Friends, or playing Angry Birds?  I could have been doing any of these instead of taking notes.  If I was emailing or playing my next move this would be very disrespectful.  I immediately thought of SN#1 and his notepads.  Make no mistake; writing into a notepad is placing the speaker in a place of honor.  They can see you writing and flipping pages.  Using an iPad could signal you are very boring and I will play Angry Birds until you are finished.

I have discovered a $1.99 solution to being “paperless” and honoring the speaker by writing while they are speaking even if you get to sit on the front row.  Bamboo Paper application allows you to turn your iPad into a writing device and write your comments on a pad with your finger or a stylist.  The picture below is from my iPad.

I only have one thing to say.  Move over SN#1 & SN#2.  I might be smarter than you!

Bamboo Paper Rocks!