I woke early this morning.  4AM!  I woke thinking about the final part of the acronym TRUST.  Thirst is the final letter of the formula for building a relationship of trust.   Thirst for the truth.  This is the most important truth you will search to understand.  This is the one question you will answer which will give meaning to life.

I want to answer this in two ways.  If you are a person of faith, you have already answered this question and can remember when you received the answer.  If you are not a person of faith, then there are some common answers I would like to suggest you consider.  Either place you find yourself is OK.  I respect both individuals.  Those of faith and those that have placed their hope in someone or something else.   As you seek the truth, you will discover the path to satisfy your thirst.   I do not want to make the assumption or try to convince you that my thoughts are the truth.  Search for the truth yourself.  40 years ago I searched for the truth and found it.  My life has never been the same.

Let me ask you the first question.  Again, I want to direct you to the words of Jesus as he spoke to the people on the hillside.

“How happy are those who understand their need for God, for the kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”

I am going to paraphrase his words to help you understand His statement.

Your thirst for truth and meaning of life will be satisfied when you understand your need for Jesus.  By the saving power of Jesus, you will be a friend of God and have eternal life.

This is not an idea.  This is an event!  When did you come to this conclusion?  What time?  What day?  Where were you?  You will absolutely know the answer to all of the questions and will remember this event as the moment your life changed.  It is very important to remember.

Jesus brings peace in your soul that surpasses all understanding.  Remembering your decision to follow Jesus and the answers to these questions will remind you of the life-changing event that saved your life.  A relationship with Jesus will lead you to the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Nothing else will work.  I have tried and searched for another place to hope.

For those who are not of faith, I want to have you answer some different questions.  This is not a trick but some common remedies for our thirst for truth that we all share.

Very simply, where have you placed your hope?

A simple question!  The journey to answer this question will bring much heartache as you reach dead ends at every turn.  I want to give you some common answers as you consider your answers.


Your youth?

Your health?

Your wealth?

Your job?

Your spouse?

Your children?

Your peace?

None of these places of hope will ever satisfy the thirst you have in your heart for peace.  I can name friends by name that have placed their hope in one or more of these questions.  I have placed my hope in many of these myself.  I bet you have too.  I know individuals whose youth and health have been taken away.  I know billionaires who cannot find peace.  I know families who have exploded from moral failures.  I know parents whose children have disappointed them.  We all know those who have lost their opportunity to provide for their families by know fault of their own.

I guess you know how I feel about hope in anything but Jesus.  Life does not work outside a relationship with Jesus.  I have tried!

Thirst is the final part of the acronym TRUST.  I am not promoting religion.  I am encouraging you to search for the truth.  What is worthy of your hope?  This will be the most important question you will ever answer.  Those who have placed their hope in Jesus will remember a very special time when they found the truth.

I want to give you a formula to use that I have tested.  This is a series of questions you can ask in a small group.

I am involved in three small groups and lead a company of 80.  The size of the organization does not matter.  However, these questions should be asked in groups of 4-6 people.  I have taken all 80 members of my team and answered these questions with each of them in groups of 6 or less.  I meet regularly with the small groups that have answered these questions for each other.  The results are amazing.  This is truly the disassembling of the DNA of the workplace and is the beginning of establishing a relationship of trust.

TRUST is the glue that holds organizations, families and marriages together.  Our world is crumbling from lack of trust.  This can help bring back trust in your organization, family and marriage.

Hear are the questions to ask:

  1. What is your story?  Tell me what it was like to grow up in your family?  How many brothers and sisters?  What were your parents like?  What kind of neighborhood did you grow up in?  What was your favorite neighborhood game to play?
  2. Where have you placed your hope?  For those of faith.  When did you recognize your need for God?  Time, place, day.
  3. What is the most sorrowful thing you face today?

As you reveal your story, your hope and your sorrow to each other, you will build a relationship of trust like you have never seen.

Take the chance.  You will never regret the lives you will influence and the trust you will build with each other.