understand part 2

Let’s continue the thought on “understand”.  Remember from my last post, there are a number of things which define you.  Your bent, your story, your learning, your hope and your health.  During the previous post I talked about “bent”.  This is definitely has the most powerful influence on who you are.  This is your DNA.  The other influencers are call adaptive influencers.  Your defined somewhat by the environment you are in.  This comes from your education, your family influence, your belief system and your health.  I covered family influence in the “R” or remember.  I will cover belief system when I talk about the second “T” or thirst.  We are left with education and health as two of the other influencers in understanding.

Education can be a major influencer in your adaptive personality.  My dad went to 6th grade.  My mom graduated high school but began having children which made her choose her family over going further in school.  In my house growing up there was almost no emphasis on school and or grades.  I have no memory of going over my grades with my mom or dad.  None!  From elementary through college.  I was never ask how I was doing in school.  I could have easily not gone further than high school as did my two brothers.  I could have gone to work or in the military as one of my brothers did to keep from being drafted.  I chose college and went to the University of Tennessee because it was the closest college to my house.  Oh, I forgot to tell you I was tested to have a fifth grade reading level when I graduated high school.  I also forgot to tell you I went to a trade high school.  The graduates of Fulton High School for the most part became service technicians such as auto mechanics, electricians and air condition technicians.  I wanted to go to college to have more choices than my dad had gotten due to having to quit school to go to work.  I did not want to learn.  I wanted a diploma which would give me more choices.  I am proud of graduating in Marketing from The University of Tennessee and this event has changed my life with a chance to excel in business.  My education has adapted my life and given me opportunities I could have never imagined.  By the way, I have learned more in the last 10 years than I have learned in the first 50.  Deciding to be a life long learner is the most important education decision I have ever made.

The other adaptive influencer is your health.  The organization I am a part of talks about being “Fit to Lead”.  Boy, at 61 this is becoming a huge deal.  I want to still be “in the game” for another 14 years at least.  Keeping your risk factors in balance is huge.  I struggle with my eating just like most of America.  I love food.  I love good food.  I love fried chicken of any kind except liver, gizzards, legs and thighs.  I had too many livers, gizzards, legs and thighs in my house growing up.  White meat for me please.  I like sweets of any kind.  I have to exercise more and eat better if I want to still be on the field of play in the marketplace.  I have been on the bench before and I don’t like it.  I want to be in the game for a long time.

Next I will cover the subject of “sorrow” and how it plays a role in building a relationship of trust.  I will cover beliefs in my last post on TRUST when I talk about “thirst”.