dna / trust

This is an amazing picture of a string of DNA.  Very complicated to say the least.  This is the very understanding of the human body and essential to the cure and treatment of the mysteries of medicine.  The brightest and best have spent their entire lives unraveling the secrets to the human body.  I have watched those around me become sick with serious illnesses.  As the doctors try to come to a conclusion about the illness, it is easy to see how little we understand about the human body.  Certainly not as easy as it looks.

The marketplace is no different.  Some of the worlds brightest scholars have tried to break the DNA code of the marketplace.  What can we understand about the marketplace which will allow us to cure some of the diseases plaguing the marketplace.  The diseases of turnover, retention, mistrust and poor performance.  I have read most of their work and studied the solutions offered.  Some explanations have been very complicated and some seem to be very simple.  I tend to migrate toward simple solutions because I feel everyone can understand a simple solution.

Francis Collins and his team at the Genome Project broke the DNA code of the human body and have been credited with the greatest discovery in medicine in modern times.  I feel we are at the threshold of the unraveling of the DNA code of the marketplace.  Many are writing about this subject right now and we are very close to the key components for a healthy environment in the marketplace.  I have been able to experiment these ideas in my business for almost 30 years.  I have discovered some amazing insights as I have developed a high performing leadership team in my business.

I want to unpack my thoughts which I will readily admit is a compilation of some of the worlds greatest authors on the subject of understanding the marketplace.  As I told you, I migrate to simple solutions because they are easy for all to understand.  I am reminded of the example Jesus used each time he was confronted by the religious experts of his time.  Each time as he would teach, they would challenge his simplistic understanding of the human condition.   The religious experts would like to over-complicate the idea and remove everyone from the room except the experts such as them so they could continue their meaningful discussion.  Jesus would respond in the same way each time.  He would bring a small child up to the front next to him and tell them unless they understood like this “little one” that they would not understand the message.  I want to teach and understand with the mind of a “little one”.

The DNA of the marketplace is understood in the word TRUST.  This is definitely a Top Down thought and must be adopted from the very top of the organization for this to succeed.  What does TRUST mean?  I want to use TRUST as an acronym.

T: time

R: remember

U: understand

S: sorrow

T: thirst

In my next five posts I will take each of these letters and give you a model for breaking the DNA code of the marketplace where you lead.  Stay tuned!