i remember martin

I remember Martin Luther King Jr. and the days of protest in my town.  Marches, back seats on the bus, colored water fountains and separate shopping streets uptown.  All part of the time I when grew up.  Only one problem!  I lived all around “colored people”.  A “colored man” gave me a ride home many days after school.  His son was one of my best friends.

This was a time of dark days in our country.  Not only were we trying to resolve racial and social issues.  We were dealing with the Vietnam War, college campus protests.  College campus shootings (Kent State) by the National Guard, the assassination of our current president (John Kennedy) and the assassination of his brother (Bobby) two years later who was likely to become the next president.

Nothing compares in my life to those days.  The song below brought a nostalgic reminder of those days as I remembered Martin.  I am convinced God has brought our country through some very dark times through those who follow him.  He will bring us through again.

Abraham, Martin and John