Our Latin friends like to go BIG.  I am very humbled, scared and nervous when they request a high quality photo  of myself and the others who will be traveling with me.  The posters, flyer’s and television commercials are usually what happens next.  This time in Lima was no different from the previous.

I try not to share these requests with the others traveling with me because I don’t want to scare them.  They are already nervous about presenting in front of  3,000 leaders, using interpreters, not having a complete schedule and not knowing how long they will speak.  Most times we just agree to go and trust God that the details will follow our willingness to SERVE.  Last week was no different than the 5 other times I have been to Lima.  Our dear friends Peter and Alda Hornung hosted us at their church of 100,000 members.  Their church is one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen.  We are helping equip their leadership team in 2012 with the idea of “High Performing Teams”.  They have 3,000 leaders in their church.  “High Performing Teams” makes allot of sense to them.  Their church is not 100,000 members…….their church is 100,000 members with a vision to become 1,000,000 members by 2015.  “High Performing Teams” takes on a whole new meaning when you view their needs for the future.  Remember……..our Latin friends think BIG.  Lima is a very long way to travel for three days but our goal was to give a preview of the teaching we would deliver over the next 5 years at Agua Viva Church.

I have another group of friends in Lima.  These friends in are a small group of men who first met with Chuck Colson over 20 years ago.  Chuck traveled to Lima with some friends to help some members of the Govt. of Peru form a small group around the teachings of Jesus.  This is the same model the House and Senate prayer groups use each week when they meet in Washington DC.  For 20 years these men have been faithful to each other and have had tremendous impact on Peru.  Even to this day, these are some of the most successful leaders in Peru.  I have been honored to be their friend.  I have witnessed relationships like these all around the world.  Men and women gathering around the teaching of Jesus.

As a son of a 6th grade construction worker, I am humbled and amazed at the places I find myself and the friends I get to meet.  I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination.  When your goal is to serve others, you are received as a friend.  I have seen this happen over and over all around the world.  Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian.  Makes no difference what you believe.

It really is true what Jesus said.  “If you want to be first, you must be the servant to all.”  Thank you Jesus for helping me understand the meaning of SERVE.