Miraflores is the “Buckhead” of Peru located on the coast in Lima.  It is as remarkable as the pictures make it look. A shopping mall cut into the side of a 500 foot cliff overlooking the ocean.  Large city park above the mall and huge hotels across the street from the cliff.

Last week I went to Lima on whirlwind project with WinShape International.  This is the first time I have been to Peru during Christmas.  Festive does not do it justice.  Regardless of your faith, people all over the world remember this special time of year.

I returned with a group of business partners to teach a business seminar at a large church in Lima (Agua Viva).  This was the groups first time to Peru except one.  One by one as we traveled for 10 hours, they wanted to know if we would be in “huts” around the campfire with no electricity.  I assured them we would have electricity.  What a surprise when we pulled up and checked in at one of the premier hotels in all of South America.  We stayed there because we got an amazing rate.

They also ask about the food and if Peruvian food was any good.  As you would guess.   I assured them they would not get too sick and would recover very quickly.

Peruvian Fusion is know all over the world and is some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten.

Look at these!  You decide.