It started last night.  A tradition at our home for over 10 years.  The annual building of the gingerbread village.  I made a big frame out of scrap wood 10 years ago in order to contain the icing and building materials.  Our adult children and Molly insisted we use the big frame again.  I thought I had thrown it away but I found it in the garage.

We have invested hundreds of dollars in candy over the years.  We have eaten hundreds of dollars of candy and icing over the years.  Molly and I watched as our two youngest adult children agreed we have the BEST Christmas ever at our home each year.  Our hearts swelled with pride that we have made our house a home of joy for our children.

We laughed and wished their brother and sister could be with us right now.  Next week all four will be home for Christmas.  What a celebration we will have.  Annie and Luke will be included in the mess, joy and love we all ultimately share for each other.  We are no where close to a perfect family but we do celebrate gathering at our home to celebrate family and Jesus.

A throwback for you.  Kenny Loggins: “Celebrate Me Home”

Celebrate Me Home