mercies in disguise

I seem to always get reflective at holidays.  Happy years gone by.  Hard years gone by.  I would love to take all of the great memories I have and roll them up into one two day period.  Family, friends, laughter, joy , love , tenderness, gratefulness and reverence.  It seems there is always a missing piece each year.  My dad being gone for 26 years.  Tension with family.  Absence of family.  I am missing my daughter Jessie this year.  She had to work this holiday and could not travel.  Sickness or death.  My distant relationship with my mom and brother.  

Holidays seem to always remind me of both pain and joy.  Sometimes more bitter than sweet.

Today I was reminded of a sweet time.  I listened to a song this morning which reminded me of the mercies in disguise that direct us to the only place that will satisfy my deepest need.


Thank you Jesus for satisfying my deepest longings and keeping my heart tender.  I am so grateful for your mercies.