the voice from behind you

I never have considered myself very smart.  I have never considered myself to have good judgement or wisdom.  A very average student from a working class family.  Education was not a priority in my family.  Working was the priority.  I was struggling through another semester of school trying to better my choices in life by earning a business degree.  Something no one in my family had ever done.  I would be the first to graduate from college.

Confused by many of the choices I was making, I was desperately searching for somewhere to place my hope. Through a series of events, I found palace for my hope and when I was 21 my life changed.  I made a commitment to listen to the voice from behind me.

I have never been the same.  For nearly 40 years, the voice from behind me has taken me places beyond my wildest imagination.  Each day I try to listen to the voice from behind me  for my bearings.  Without failure the voice from behind me points me in the right direction and gives me insight and wisdom.  None of which I learned in the college business.

I am learning to stop and listen more before I turn and go.  I find myself making much better choices when I listen for the voice from behind me.  It should not surprise you who’s voice behind me I wait to hear.  The voice from behind me is the voice of Jesus.  I have tried listening to all of the other voices.  None compare to HIS voice!  Money, recognition, success, failure, anger, selfishness……need I go on?

Decide what voice you will listen too.  I am proof.  Jesus wants to be the voice from behind you.  From my experience, nothing else will work.  Take the step.  You will never be the same.

Isaiah 30:21 – as you walk along the path, whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice from behind you saying – this is the way, walk in it.