the man who gave cheerfully

I don’t remember much about my childhood but I remember this about my dad.  My dad was a cheerful giver.  He did not have any money but I remember him being a giver.  He gave from what he had.  A mantle clock, piece of glass, a tool or just a piece of junk he picked up at the auction.  My dad bought most of these things at the auction every Saturday night.  I know because I had to go with them and had to help load the junk in the car.  He would even buy unopened boxes of other families property being sold at auctions.  He had no idea what was inside the box.  He bought old antique clocks with parts missing.  Of course, none of them worked.  He would turn this junk into beautiful furniture and clocks.  If you visited our home as I was growing up and made the remark that you liked something he had purchased and restored, my dad would most likely give it to you before you left or sell it to you for what he paid for it.  One dollar was the top price he liked to pay for things.  He would either give it to you or sell it to you for a dollar.

Our home in Johnson City is furnished partly from masterpieces which began as throwaway furniture from auctions I attended as a little boy.

My dad was a cheerful giver.  I believe his heart told him what to do.  He was just like that.  Cheerfully giving when no one expected it.  I saw the joy that he got from giving.  I think this was where I learned the joy of giving.  Not at church, not in the bible and not from someone who had much to give.  I learned it from a poor construction worker who went to the 6th grade.  I am so grateful for the example of generosity I received from my father.  For me it truly is more blessed to give than receive.  Given a choice to give or receive, I would much rather give.  My challenge is to learn how to receive the generosity of others.  I want others experience the joy I have had all my life through cheerful giving.  Listen to your heart.  God will teach you how to give cheerfully as HE taught me through the cheerful generosity of my dad.

Below, Paul is instructing the members of the Church of Corinth the art of giving.  Giving cheerfully makes all the difference.

II Corinthians 9:7-9

Let everyone give as his heart tells him, neither grudgingly nor under compulsion, for God loves the man who gives cheerfully.