my small beginning

My first job in the marketplace out of college was unloading boxcars at a wholesale grocery company.  This is the lowest job you can have in a company like this.  I did not even work in the building.  I spent all day on the railroad tracks beside the building.  Cold, hot and dirty!  I was promoted to rework the damaged merchandise returned from deliveries.  Maggot’s and all.  I continued to work my way up and was moved to loading trucks and gathering orders.  I learned how to operate all of the equipment to enhance my job.  One day they ran out of truck drivers.  I went on my lunch hour and got my commercial drivers license.  After lunch I took my first load of food to a store.  Only one problem!  I did not know how to drive a truck.  I found a driver returning from a delivery and he showed me how to change gears in the parking lot.  I drove big trucks for two years.  I was moved into the corporate office to start a new division delivering fresh fruits and vegetables.  I move to an Atlanta company where I ran their produce division for two years.  This was the most dishonorable place I had ever worked and I knew I had to change.  The company had been sold and was loosing money everyday.  I got fired or as they said “My job was being eliminated”.  I met the friends at Chick-fil-A as I was looking at changing careers.  28 years later I am more excited about my work than any other time in my life.  God has blessed me with a wonderful place to use my gifts.  Just think…….It all started in the dirty boxcar.