Just like the title says.  I’m Lost.

iCloud is not as friendly as it looks.  I called my friend Jose who helps young and old nerds understand new technology as changes are introduced.  I thought I would be his first caller with iCloud questions.  He said I was not even close.  We quickly cut to the chase.  He is calibrating all of my Mac devices on Monday at 9:30AM.  I am thrilled to pay him for an hour of consultation.  It will save me weeks of trying to understand the iCloud and OS 5 changes.

I am not only a 60 year old NERD…..I am smart enough to call in NERD experts when I’m in over my head.  I hope I can make it until then and not loose calendar, contact and data information.

Checkout Jose at www.thinkjose.com or www.thinkprimo.com