letters and dads

I went to see the movie Courageous on Friday night.  This was the nationwide opening of another Kendrick brothers movie.  The movie is about the impact a father has on their children.

The movie reminded me of my dad and the things I wanted differently for my children.  I know my dad loved me.  He never told me that but I know.  He never gave me a birthday card or anything else with his handwriting.  I do not have one thing with my fathers signature on it much less words written specifically to me.  I wanted to make sure my children remembered me differently.  I wanted to learn how to write letters to my children.

In January, I enrolled in a course “Letters from Dad”.  As part of the introduction to the material, different children were played on the video telling the impact the letters had on them.  I cried as I remembered my dad.  I cried as I thought of my four children and how much I wanted to say to them.  What a dirty way to start a class.  It was mostly older fathers with teenage or grown kids.  We all cried and then threatened the teacher with his life if he was going to do this each time we met.  One by one we wrote our letters to our children.  One by one our relationships with our children began to grow.  I am convinced this year will be one of the best years I will have with my four children as a result of the letters I wrote to each of them.  I wanted to give them my blessing.  I wanted to encourage them.  I wanted them to have my love for them written on paper for them to see.  I am still writing to them.  The letters are not nearly as long as the first.  I had allot of ground to cover with the first one.

Dad’s!  Figure out how to make a difference in the lives of your children.  They are desperately waiting for YOU.