windows to your heart

This window hangs above my desk.  It came from an old house near where I grew up.  My mother would go to the old houses which were being torn down and get some of the peices of the  staircases and unique ornaments like this window which was above the front door.  I have had this window for over 25 years.  We have moved it three times and each time it was placed in the basement for just the right place to hang it.  As part of Molly’s birthday gift to me, she honored me by repainting and redecorating my office for my 60th birthday.  We finally hung this window in my office in March.  It reminds me of my old neighborhood.  It reminds me of the stupid things my parents used to buy even though they had no money.  My mother told me she paid the men tearing down the house a dollar for three windows like this.  They are with a fortune now.  How I have managed to hang on to them probably gives you a little hint that I have the same value system as my parents.  I see value in the things no one else wants.  Enough about where the window came from.

I was reading some thoughts from “God’s Little Instuction Book” this morning and came across these words, “Your words are windows to your heart”.  I went from there to Matthew 12 where Jesus was healing a deaf and blind person.  He was challenged by the religious leaders.  As part of his answer, Jesus was instructing the Scribes and Pharisees when he told them “A mans words flow out of what fills his heart”.

I could not be under more conviction.  I tend to say the first thing that comes to my mind.  I am not always careful about the things I say.

What is in my heart?  What does Molly, my family, my friends and all the people I come in contact with see through my window?  I am afraid to ask.  I want them to see a person guided by the love of Jesus and one who speaks words of edification.  I am certain they see something else.  The truth is sometimes needed but a good word is needed more.

Jesus, change my heart to reflect the love you have shown to me.