Molly and I were in New York this week for our 31st anniversary.  We did not put the significance of the 911 Anniversary week together until the time grew near for us to travel.  With many mixed emotions, we spent 3 days in and around Manhattan, Times Square and Flushing Meadows.  Follies, Sister Act, David Letterman Show and the US Open were the events of the day.  We had a great time.

We returned on the 9th and watched the memorial service from our home last night.  I remember well the day it happened.  It took days to realize the significance of the act of terrorism on America.  I learned what it was like to see “First Responders” respond in life threatening conditions.  Their courage is what I will remember.  The courage of those who defend freedom is what I will never take for granted.  One by one, they said they only did what they signed up to do.  RESPOND!

This idea of being a “First Responder” is not new.  When I got married I choose to become a first responder to Molly for the rest of my life.  With my four children I pledged the same.  When I promised Truett I would guard his business and partner with him, I became a first responder to those I lead.  Leaders, fathers, mothers and spouses are first responders.  Many of us have been thrust into responding to things beyond our imagination.  I am thankful I have not had to be a first responder to the tragedy those of 911 responded to 10 years ago.  YET!

I will respond if called upon.