southern nerd

My friend Ray and I share our stupid conversations periodically just for a good laugh.  The world needs a good laugh.  I need a good laugh.

This was just another day and I was sharing with him how proud I was of the transition I had made from a PC to all of my Apple toys: iPhone, iPad and 27″ iMac.  Yes…..  I felt both BIG and BAD. However, still a little stupid about how to use all of my new technology.

Then begins our stupidness to the max.  Ray tells me I am becoming a NERD.  Then he pauses and says I am becoming a Southern Nerd.  After a mutual laugh, I went and bought to be ready for my instant fame.  Who’s laughing now!

Ray and I are certain this will make us millions and I agreed to split the proceeds of the domain sale when it happens.  Now you can laugh.

Yes we are stupid but dear friends and get to laugh, dream and challenge each other to be better men.