redneck hamptons

For the past 60 years, Molly’s family has been vacationing at Pawleys Island in South Carolina. I have only been going for 32 years. In the minds of her family that would make me still an invited guest. Just kidding. I have outlasted many “In-laws” or potential “In-laws”. If your relationship was serious with one of the Line family, you were invited to join the family on vacation. This is the TEST. If you passed, the member of the Royal Line Family was given permission to marry.   Somehow I passed.

We have enjoyed a wonderful week together for the past 32 years. This year it was topped off by a island 4th of July parade where we decided Pawleys could be best described as the “redneck hamptons”.  Only place I have ever been where the waterway is on one side of the house and the beach is on the other side.  Just enough land for a big house and dead end road.
The pictures say it all.  We wanted to do our part and wear matching shirts from our favorite department store Walmart.   USA wife beater shirts for Drew and I and 4th of July Patriot Poodle shirts for the girls.  The only sadness was the absence of our daughter Jessie.   She has just taken a travel nursing assignment in New Hampshire.   She text us a picture of the beach in New Hampshire. Not the same. Way too nice.
Out for now.  Put on Lee Greenwood “I’m proud to be an American”.