Bonnaroo Fathers Day!



I received my fathers day present a week early.

My daughter Jessie made a new start and moved to New Hampshire to become a travel nurse.  She made the journey OK and has begun her work in Claremont, NH.  This will be a wonderful time for her to make a new start in her health-care career.

Thanks to my son Drew, I got to attend the Bonnaroo Music Festival.  Jamie, Mary Grace and myself got to join him in the VIP part of the Bonnaroo Music Festival.  This is where the artists and other guests gather to connect and wait to perform.  As many of you know, Drew and his two partners ( developed the iPhone and iPad applications for Bonnaroo for the past three years.  He invited us to attend this year.  Actually, we invited ourselves.  Annie was able to join us on Sunday.  Well!  I am sure you are wondering.  How was it!  Like Woodstock?  I am happy to report it was a great experience and I will go again.  VIP of course!  Hot would be an understatement.  I camped with three of my children.  I hate camping but I loved the time with them.  I am not sure what we did would qualify as camping.  I think you have to go to sleep for it to be an official camp-out.  The last concert we attended started at 4AM.  The pictures are very real.  We were back stage during some of the largest events I have ever been to.  80,000 people!  Reserved seating and very orderly. NOT!

Fathers day can be very disappointing as are many holidays honoring people.  I remembered my father who passed 26 years ago in May.  He was a good man.  He was a quiet man.  He was a determined man.  He went to 6th grade and quit school when his father was killed in a railroad accident.  By no fault of his own, our family grew up through much adversity.  He taught himself to read.  I remember him as a provider as much as he could.  My fondest memory of him came at my graduation from college.  I am the only member of our family to graduate from college.  He asked me what I was going to do now.  I told him I did not know.  He said, “What ever you choose, you will be successful”.  That was the day I received the “Blessing”.  His life was cut short by cancer as was the case with many of our dad’s.

In 1970 I got a new father.  He is everything a person would want in a father.  He saved my life and set me on a high place.  In 1970 I ask Jesus to save me from my sin.  My heavenly father sacrificed his only son for my sin.  There is no greater love!  I have never been the same.  I remember that day just like it was yesterday.  I am so grateful for my earthly father.  I am eternally grateful for my heavenly father.