Trust in the workplace, marriage and family is maintained by constant re-calibration.  High Performing Leadership Teams, Marriages and Family’s are held together by TRUST.

The best example is to look at the alignment of a car’s wheels.  As the car gets driven over bumpy roads the alignment of the wheels drifts a little each time a bump is encountered.  Over time you can get accustomed to the wobbly tires and shaking while you drive.  It is only when you have the tires re-calibrated that you find how difficult it has been to operate a car when it is out of alignment.

Teams, marriages and family’s are exactly the same.  Trust is only achieved by constant re-calibration.   This must be performed on a regular basis to insure the alignment of your team, marriage and family are still in a place of TRUST.  It is very exciting to be part of friends and family who have given each other permission to seek the best for each other.