Covenant or Contract?

I have made two covenants in my life which I hold in the highest regard.  I promised to be a life long partner to the love of my life Molly.  I promised Truett Cathy to guard his business in Johnson City and be his business partner.  Both are bound by contracts.  When I agreed to both contracts and promised to honor both, I do not know if I knew the significance of covenants or not.  I am not sure I knew what it meant to make a promise to someone.  I do now!  I am proud to have kept my contract with Molly and Truett.  It was not the contract that held me.  It was the promise I made which bound me to them for life.  I have taken both very seriously.

There is such a difference with a promise.  A contract has no commitment.  People break contracts all the time.  People rarely break a promise.  I am studying the difference between those who have made covenants to each other throughout history.  I’ll keep you posted.  I know this much.  The impact of a covenant far exceeds the impact of a contract.