Officially a NERD!

It is official.  I am now a nerd in training.  I switched to all Apple as of last night.  I have worked for the past month to convert my brain , office and equipment to all Apple.  IPhone, IPad (thanks to Molly for my birthday) and finally a 27″ IMac (thanks to the check for selling to Chick-fil-A).  Finally moved all of my work over to the IMac last night with my new 1T hard-drive backup.  See, I have even learned some nerd words.

Remember 60?  I do . I have attempted this all for my 60th birthday.  When you are that old and still standing, you have to give gifts to your self because sometimes there are no friends left to recognize you.  Oh well.  It is the thought that counts and all of my awesome NEW stuff.

Still going!