the power of reconciliation

I was reminded again last week of the power of reconciliation.  I have a business partner who I am working with and we disagree on a few aspects of leadership.  I respect him and have enjoyed our relationship.  In a recent spirited discussion, I felt I stepped over the line and said some disrespectful things to him.  God began to deal with my heart and I felt challenged to reconcile with him.  I was reminded of the words of Jesus below from Matthew 5.  Matthew 5:23-24 – “So that if, while you are offering your gift at the altar, you should remember that your brother has something against you, you must leave your gift there before the altar and go away. Make your peace with your brother first, then come and offer your gift.”  I felt my service and gifts to God would be hampered until I reconciled with my friend.  It was not about the outcome or us coming to a mutual agreement.  I wanted a clean heart before God so my gifts would be accepted.  I went to my friend and apologized and ask for his forgiveness and support.  Our meeting was very successful and our relationship was re established.  I felt a huge weight lifted from me.  “Make peace with you brother.”  I am so thankful for the wisdom freely given by God to those who follow Him.