Life is about DREAMS


2011! Time is moving quickly and we are at the beginning of a new year.  Many of us make new directions, goals and resolutions as the year begins.  I must admit, I have been tempted to make this list of goals for 2011.  Some goals are motivated by failures.  Some goals are motivated by success’s and others motivated by dreams.  I do not need to be reminded of my failures and I do not want to take credit for the success’s I have been recognized for this year.   I work with almost 100 members of a team who I feel deserve the credit and I am happy to accept the recognition on their behalf.My focus has moved from goals to dreams.  Motivated by Matthew Kelly’s book “The Dream Manager”, I want to realize my dreams this year and maybe every year in the future.  I want to work with individuals who have dreams.  Dreams intersect all areas of our lives.  As Matthew writes, dreams are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, material, professional, financial, creative, adventure, legacy and character.  I feel these are the conversations we should be having with each other.This is The Narrow Passage which leads to Life and only a few are finding it.